Whether testing your skills, competing with your mates or playing for fun, these games are designed to liven up every event.

Giant Teddy Tower Carnival Game

Giant Teddy Tower

Guaranteed to hand out giant teddies all day long. The perfect game to promote your event.

Laughing Clowns Carnival Game

Laughing Clowns

The most popular game of the show, these clowns eat balls and give out prizes all day.

Catch a Duck Carnival Game

Catch a Duck

Children love to catch Huey, Duey and Louie on the hook at the end of a pole as they swim around the pond. Everyone leaves with a prize.

Shooting Gallery Carnival Game

Shooting Gallery

Ten rifles shooting corks towards a lightweight stack of 9 cans.

Smash A Bottle Carnival Game

Smash A Bottle

Throw the ball to smash the bottle three shots. Great for baseball enthusiasts.

Basketball Carnival Game


Shooting hoops to win a large prize. This is a favourite with the athletes of all levels.

Can Knock 'em Carnival Game

Can Knock 'em

Throw 2 balls at a stack of 6 lightweight cans. Know them over to win a prize.

Frying Frogs Carnival Game

Frying Frogs

Frogs open and close their mouths as they spin around in a turning frying pan. Catch a frog with your fishing pole to win a prize.

Circle of Science Carnival Game

Circle of Science

Cover the large circle on the table by dropping 5 smaller disks. When the circle is covered you walk away with a pick of the store.

Bottle Up Carnival Game

Bottle Up

Stand the bottle up for a pick of the stall. Use the ring suspended by string to a rod to stand the bottle up. You can only touch the rod, not the string with your hands.